Avoid The Waiting Room With A Free GP Service

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Avoid The Waiting Room With A Free GP Service

14 December 2017
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It can be very frustrating to call your doctor's surgery only to find they are closed for the day. While you may not be in urgent need of treatment, there can be times where you need fast and professional advice and treatment to stop a condition getting worse or simply to give you peace of mind. Fortunately, the wait is over thanks to a new free GP service. With this service you can get access to an after hours doctor, day and night, right from your mobile phone.

How Does A Free GP Service Work?

The way a free GP service works is actually very simple. By calling a number or even setting up a video call, you will get access to a network for professional GPs all trained to the highest degree and all ready to give you advice on your condition. Whether you have a child with a fever or you are sick yourself, you can get fast and professional advice in a matter of moments. All charges will be taken care of through your medical insurance, and while you may have to pay mobile phone costs, that really is the only cost you have to worry about. 

Why Use An After Hours Doctor?

A free GP service with an after hours doctor can either put your mind at rest when your regular doctor isn't available, or advise you to take an immediate trip to your accident room. Look for a free GP service that offers video calls as this can often be a much more accurate way for your doctor to diagnose a condition over the phone. With most smart phones offering good quality video capabilities, this type of service is as good as being in the same room as your doctor. 

Instant After Hours Doctor Services At Your Fingertips

With a free GP service at your fingertips there really is no need to wait until the morning for an appointment. You can simply call the service number and you'll be spoken to by a medical professional straight away. They will ask you questions relating to your condition, ask you about your medical history and discuss all aspects of how you are feeling and what is currently happening with your health. This thorough service is available night and day and can give you total peace of mind when your usual doctor is not available for a diagnosis.