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Looking after both sets of parents

I had expected that one day I might need to look after my parents as they got older, but what I didn't think about is the fact that my husband's parents would also need help. I do my best to visit everyone and help them around the house, but I can't be everywhere at once so I have to get some help. Home health care helps to patch the gaps so that everyone can get the care that they need. This blog has some tips on how to coordinate care for two (or more) sets of elderly relatives at the same time.


Beyond Trips & Falls: 3 More Ways to Reduce Your Senior Parent’s Bone Fracture Risk

14 March 2017
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Fractures—particularly hip fractures—are one of the most well-known problems seniors face. As the body ages, it becomes more susceptible to bone-related injuries. If you're taking care of an elderly parent, you've likely already 'parent-proofed' your home to eliminate obstacles that could cause your parent to trip or fall. However, many carers neglect to also tackle the other potential causes of bone fractures. Cook Healthy Meals One common cause of bone fractures in the hips and lower extremities is obesity. Read More …